Food in Serbia

Serbian food is a combination of many different cuisines, including Greek, Hungarian, Turkish and Austrian cuisine. Most Serbian dishes include fatty meals and meat. Vegetarian dishes are not so common in Serbia.

Three main meals in Serbia are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch is the most comprehensive one and it includes a soup, a second course and a dessert. Desserts may vary, but they are mostly baked cakes. The most common aperitive during the meal is a plum brandy or „šljivovica“.

Some of the typical Serbian specialties are: sarma (cabbage stuffed with minced beef or pork with rice), ćevapi (rolls of minced meat), Karađorđeva šnicla (a large roll of meat stuffed with cheese and ham and served with mayo and fries) and musaka (baked combination of minced pork or beef, eggs and potatoes).

When you’re visiting restaurants in Serbia, it is advised that you book a table in advance.

Note that smoking is allowed at restaurants, but there is many restaurants with non-smoking sections.

You should tip in restaurants if you are satisfied with the service, otherwise you don’t have to. The tip should be about 5-10% of the bill.

Make sure to try the local wines, beers and other spirits. When toasting in Serbia, make sure you look into your companion’s eyes because otherwise you will be considered impolite.