Have you gotten tired of expensive dental treatments in your country? Maybe it’s time for you to visit a dental clinic in Serbia.

Teeth care is very important, but their cost can often be very unpleasant. Serbian health tourism is relatively young and undeveloped, but the dental tourism has grown in recent years because of the excellent reputation and quality treatments of Serbian dentists.

Going to the dentist in another country may sound frightful, but you may rest assure that Serbian dentists will take nice care of you.

It is recommendable that you stay in Serbia for a while so you can get the best possible dental care. The period of relaxation and recovery after a dental treatment is very important and you should find appropriate housing for the time being.

White crowns and filled teeth are only a few of many dental treatments that foreigners can obtain in Serbia at a much lower price than in Western Europe or US.

The greatest advantage of taking dental treatments in Serbia is their cheap price for an adequate quality.

The cost of dental services is only a fraction of the price that a client would usually pay in a private clinic in Western Europe or the US.

A ceramic crown in Serbia costs €120 and a filling €30 and up. More complex oral procedures, such as tooth extraction, cost between €50 and €150. Teeth whitening costs from €180 to €270. In Austria the same treatment costs about €1,300.

You can save between €800 and €2.000 for implants, about €400 to €1.500 for full denture, €350 – €1.000 for root canal treatment and so on.