The first thing you notice on a person is their face, and the first thing you notice on the face is the nose, either consciously or unconsciously.

That is why rhinoplasty or „nose job“ is very comon among persons of all age and both sexes. It is important to say that plastic surgeons usually do not recommend this type of surgery before 18 years of age because nose growth is not yet finished. If a person is healthy, there is no upper age limit for this type of surgery.

Nose surgery may be done in combination with face lift or other rejuvenation surgeries. It is a must if you have problems breathing that are connected to nose septum deviation.

You should take a rhinoplasty if one of the following conditions is true:

  • your nose is too big for your face
  • you have a humped nose
  • you have a long nose
  • your nose is wide or it is like a saddle
  • you have a wide tip of the nose, lowered or raised tip of the nose
  • your nose is asymmetric and deviated

Objective of the rhinoplasty surgery is that the nose looks more natural and that it harmoniously fits configuration of your face. First results can be seen already after a few weeks. In most cases results of rhinoplasty are permanent.

More and more people are coming to Serbia to perform a nose surgery.

Nose surgeries are a common and relatively cheap procedures in Serbia. You can perform a rhinoplasty in Serbia for about €2.000 while the nose surgery in Western countries costs at least €4.000.

You should not fear that the cost is low because of the quality of the surgery because Serbian surgeons are very efficient, kind and professional.