Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopaedics

About Stem Cells

The isolation of stem cells is done by the means of commercial devices that, within their own closed system, isolate stem cells in a wished quantity. Stem cells can be isolated in a huge number (60-70 mil cells) from adipose tissue by liposuction. Also, they can be isolated from bone marrow through puncture on the skin (percutaneously), without scarring.

They are AUTOLOGOUS adult stem cells (it means that they activate by themselves, that they are alive) and therefore the treatment is commonly called autologous stem cell treatment.

A device for the stem cell separation from adipose tissue is a Celution Cytori, and an Angel Cytomedix is used for bone marrow.

Conditions that we can treat:

  1. Higher degree cartilage damage, preferably up to 2 sq. cm of the larger joints
  2. Osteochondral damages with cartilage preservation
  3. Osteoarthrosis
  4. Ligament and muscle damages (grades 2 & 3)
  5. Prolapse or disk damage
  6. X-ray controlled injections in a spinal disk in osteoporotic patients, pathological fractures, filing out of bone cysts, pseudoarthrosis
  7. Augmentation during the prosthetic surgery of the large joints
  8. Meniscus reconstruction

Other procedures related to stem cell transfer we do

  1. Treatment for children with cerebral palsy (undergoing pilot project)
  2. Treatment of adults with cerebral palsy (three stem cell transfers)
  3. Spinal cord damage
  4. Multiple sclerosis treatment
  5. Cervical myelopathy, migrens

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